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GridParity carports impress with their lightness and simultaneous stability. The standard kits are modularly expandable.

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PV-Carport M-400

6 x M72 Module
ca. 3,1 x 4,1 m
( CM314)

PV-Carport L

9 x M60 Module
ca. 3,1 x 5,1 m
( C0313)

PV-Carport XXL

15 x M60 Module
ca. 5,1 x 5,1 m
( C2533)

PV-Carport 3XL

18 x M60 Module
ca. 6,2 x 5,1 m
( C3643)

PV-Carport 4XL

21 x M60 Module
ca. 7,2 x 5,1 m
( C4743)

Optional expandable

All our carports can be extended through optimized connection parts. It is also possible to order any carport with different orientation.